Green Pioneer

Logo Update  & Icon Design

The Brief

Green Pioneer is one of the UK and Europe’s leading distributors of products for sustainable living. Ethical principles and high quality design are at the core of their business.

Logo Update Brief
Refresh the logo to give it a more sophisticated colour palette whilst retaining a green gradient to represent the ’spectrum’ of product types available, from light green/eco, to heavily green/eco.

2. Make the letterforms more balanced and evenly sized.

3. Identify a matching font for the strapline that can also be used on the website. It should be suitable for titles and blocks of text and must include foreign characters for the European market.

Product Range Representation Brief
Find a way to display the range of products that are available that will not date as quickly as photographs. This should be designed to work alongside the logo.


  • Logo update
  • Supporting graphics
  • Icon design
  • On-going design support

The Logo

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Client Feedback

We brought Nic in to give our logo some minor tweaks and come up with some product illustrations to replace the product picture we used to use (and which was continually going out of date!).

Nic took us beyond our brief to help us to see the problem that we were facing, and then solved it perfectly.

Nic’s solution was bright, visually engaging and practical – perfect for our brand.

We now not only have a refreshed logo, but we have a whole visual system that can grow with us. 

Charity Nichols, Sales Director, Green Pioneer

Product Icons

The product icons are designed to closely match the visual style of the logo, so that they can be used alongside it without looking out of place. This puts in place a solid visual style that can easily be applied to future projects and needs.

 The rainbow colour spectrum gives the logo some additional vibrancy and helps to reinforce the idea of a broad range of exciting products. And because the icons are generic, marketing materials can be printed in bulk without the risk of any waste due to discontinued products.

Paper packing tape

As part of their commitment to plastic free packaging Green Pioneer introduced paper packing tape for their parcels. The design for this combines the logo, the product icons and ‘thank you’ in several European languages – making one tape that can be used for all orders.

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