Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Edgeways doesn’t just produce sustainable and responsible solutions for clients, it’s something I’m passionate about too – both in and out of the studio. 

In The Studio

Edgeways is a home based studio, meaning zero commuting time and a minimal environmental footprint. Based in rural West Dorset the space also benefits from plenty of natural daylight, saving on electricity (which is 100% renewable by the way).

Furniture is all reclaimed or recycled – much of it having been saved from the scrap heap (for minor imperfections). On the rare occasions that brand new furniture is needed, it is purchased from responsible companies with sound environmental credentials (or made myself).  

The studio is mainly digital and I design using one of the greenest computers in the world – the Mac Mini. I encourage correspondence by email rather than post (invoices, estimates and proposals will always be emailed to you). Occasionally print outs are needed but these are kept to a minimum.


Whilst it’s great meeting new clients in person (and this can often be a huge benefit) other meetings are generally only arranged when absolutely necessary, keeping travel impact to a minimum. 



Edgeways has a strong social and environmental conscience and I strive to inform clients and peers about sustainable solutions. I’ll never impose or preach, but I do feel it’s important to always present the full range of options.

Whilst I’m happy to take on small, one off or last minute projects, I can provide the best return on investment when working long-term with like-minded clients. A little extra time can allow us to develop the most innovative and longest lasting design solutions.  

I’m always thinking about the bigger picture and the broader implications of my work – both for clients businesses and the environment as a whole. Wherever possible I’ll recommend and implement solutions that:

  • require minimal materials
  • use recycled or environmentally friendly materials, process and finishes
  • have several uses, a long shelf life or that can be easily recycled or reused.

I always recommend environmentally friendly print solutions from trusted providers who use sustainably sourced stock and have the highest environmental standards. I can also help and encourage clients to estimate quantities as accurately as possible to reduce waste and avoid special finishes like varnish, lamination or spot UV unless they’re absolutely essential. Where environmentally friendly printing is of paramount importance I can design with minimal ink coverage in mind, even using specially designed fonts that minimize ink use. 

Digital and online work also has an environmental footprint and Edgeways hosting is powered by 100% green energy.

I’m conscientious and ethical by nature and this is reflected in my business practices. I price project work fairly, and pay suppliers and partners equally fairly. 

I’m always keen to help charities and not for profit businesses that have a similar ethos and when appropriate, and if time allows, I’ll offer my services free of charge or at a heavily reduced rate. If you run such an organization and you’d like to work with me then please get in touch

To sum it up my philosophy is to work with good people who are doing good things and help them do it even better. If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for a long-term design partner please get in touch.


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