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publishing blog posts

Blog posts are a great way to to keep your customers informed and also help to drive new traffic to your site.

publishing blog posts

1. Hover the cursor over New in the top bar and click Post.
OR Hover the cursor over Posts and click Add New 

2. Enter a title for your post (you can always change this later)

3. Type or paste your copy in to the text box and format as needed.

4. Enter a short except (could be the first paragraph). This will be shown on the Blog index page and will appear in search engine results. 

5. To add an image to top of the post (below the title/above the copy) click Set Featured Image and select/upload your image. This is optional.

6. To add images within the copy click in the text where you want the image to sit, then click Add Media to select/upload your image.

7. Click Preview at any time to see how your published post will look.

8. When finished you can:
 – Save as a Draft to come back to later
 – Publish immediately
 – Schedule a date/time for the post to auto publish (click Edit next to Publish Immediately)

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