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changing text

It’s important to keep your site up to date with relevent contact details, services and products. Here’s how to change the text. 

changing text

You can make basic changes to the site straight onto the live page.

Once logged in click on your website name next to the home icon (‘Demo website’ in the example pictured) and navigate to the page you want to change.

Now follow these steps:

  1. Click Enable the Visual Builder from top bar
  2. Now simply click in the area you want to amend and type away.
    TIP: When pasting text from another document use Shift + Option + Command + V to paste without formatting.
  3. When you’re finished open the Page Settings bar by clicking the purple button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click Save (bottom right) to publish your changes to the live site
  5. Click Exit Visual Builder – top bar

This applies to most headers and copy but buttons, menu items and some other areas of text cannot be changed in this way. Please get in touch if you run into any problems.

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