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changing images

Google (and other search engines) ‘like’ sites that are fresh and regularly updated. Changing images on your website is an easy way to this.

changing images

To update an image on the website, first log in and navigate to the page where the image is located. 

Now follow these steps.

1. Click Enable the Visual Builder – top bar

2. Hover the cursor over the image you want to change then click the cog icon in the grey box that appears. 

If no grey box appears please contact me to update the image.

3. Click upload.

4. Choose an image from the gallery or click Upload Files to upload a new image.

5. Once the image is selected click Upload an Image to place it on the page.

6. Open the Page Settings bar by clicking the purple button at the bottom of the screen

7. Click save (bottom right) to publish your changes to the live site

8. Click Exit Visual Builder – top bar

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