promoting your site

Once your website has  launched it’s time to tell the world about it. The internet is a very crowded place, so it’s vital to take steps to promote your site for it to be a success. Here are some common strategies – I would recommend that you employ at least a selection of these.

Social Media

Social media can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site, but it’s not for everybody. To get the most out of this you need to do two things:

1. Work out which social media platforms your potential clients are most likely to use – come up with a list and rank them in order of importance.

2. Write a list of the social media platforms that you use already – rank them in order of how much you use them or how enjoyable you find them. If you don’t use any social media, do a bit of digging and see if there are any that appeal.

Compare your two lists and just focus on one or two platforms that your customers use and that you will enjoy posting. Don’t try to post on more than a couple to start with, and if none of them appeal at all then focus your time elsewhere. Social media promotion is a lot of work, so if you’re not already in the habit or you don’t enjoy it might not be worth the effort.


Add your business to local, national and industry specific directories 

Google My Business

 Create a Google My Business listing for your business. This will get your business listed on Google Maps and give you more prominent search results.


Blogging may no longer be the easy road to website traffic that it was, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to keep your website up to date – which Google loves. 

Write regular blog posts about topics that would be useful or intesting to your potential clients. Make sure you use keywords and phrases in headings and throughout the post to get the best results. See our SEO guide for mre detailed info.

If you enjoy blogging offer to write guest posts for other blogs relevent to your industry. Make sure your post links back to your site and be careful not to duplicate contnent.

paid advertising

Create a pay per click ad campaign using Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (whichever you think would be the best way to reach your cusotmers)

word of Mouth & Other Easy Wins

Add your website address to your email signature.

Make sure all  your printed marketing materials have your website address on them.

Tell people about your website.

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