Converting your website visitors into customers

Once you’ve got a steady stream of visitors to your site its vital that you actively convert them into clients/customers/enquiries. Here are some popular conversion strategies.

capture Leads

Every person who visits your website is a potential lead. But those leads are useless if you dont know who they are or how to contact them. There a two main ways to capture leads on from your website

1. Get people to contact you directly – either by email, a web form or booking form or by phone. Great for proactive customers who are ready to buy, but many of your leads won’t be quite ready for that yet.

Ways to do this:

• A prominent phone number at or near the top of the page (the top right hand corner is a popular choice)

• Easy to find contact details (email, adress etc on EVERY page) – a footer is ideal for this

• A simple, easy to fill in contact form on your contact page (and even on your homepage too if space/design allows)

• Social media links and sharing buttons – not quite direct contact, but if people are following you on social media it’s an opportunity to connect with them and turn them into a customer.


2. Get people to handover their email address in exchange for something. This is a great way to capture leads who would otherwise drift silently away after viewing your site. 

Ways to do this:

• Start a regular newsletter and put an email opt-in box somewhere prominent on your site – ideally on everypage (the footer is a good spot for this)

• Make sure you write some really compelling text to convince people to subscribe – tell them what’s in it for them and make it irresistible

• Link to your newsletter signup throughout your site – in blog posts, on your contact page – anywhere that seems appropriate.

• Come up with something easy to put together but also really valuable to your potential customers – a guide, a checklist or even an e-book. Use this as a free giveaway to entice people to part with their email address.

• Wherever people have to fill in a form on your site (your contact page, your email newsletter optin etc, make sure that you optimise the autoresponse text that pops up when they’ve submitted (or the welcome email for your newsletter). For example if someone has filled in an enquiry form the autoresponse text could direct them to yout Facebook page or twitter feed.


have a compelling message

• Make sure your message is clear – write a statement of purpose for the site and ensure that it’s getting accross within a few seconds

• Use headlines to tell your visitors how you can solve their problems

• Break text up into small, easy to read sections and format it carefully using headings, subheads, bullets etc

• Think about the questions that your potential customers might have and make sure you answer them in your copy

• Above all keep it simple – don’t try to pack too much in but focus on the essentials and your main goals.

• Make sure your About Us page focuses on the benefits you can offer rather than just you

be credible and trustworthy

• Use reviews from happy customers to built trust (these could be text or video. If your customers are happy to provide a photo all the • better)

• If you’ve won any awards or you’re a memeber of any associations make sure their logos are displayed prominently on your site

• Depending on your industry/products/services case studies could be useful to give customers an insight into how you could help them

• It’s not somemthing everone’s willing to do, but having video on your website can really boost your rankings.

• Be consistent in spelling and style – you want to look professional

• Make sure all your contact details are correct and working as they should – triple check these!


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