Design for good

My simple philosophy is to work with good people who are doing good things and help them do it even better. 

I’m proud to help businesses whose products are actually benefiting the wider world. People who started their business because they had a passion – a need to make the world better or healthier or just happier. 

If you’re one of those people you probably know that going it alone can be tough. If you’re going to succeed in doing what you best and making the world a better place, you need to seek out like-minded professionals who can help you bring your dream to life. You don’t want to outsource to just anyone, you want to work someone who cares about your passion as much as you do and who will help it evolve into a thriving business.

Working with Edgeways is exactly that partnership.  Whatever the project – be it a new brand or a redesign – I apply a tried and tested strategic process that gets straight to the core of your organisation’s personality and values. We’ll work together to help you to pin down exactly what you need to reach and engage with the people who matter and build a brand that’s strong and, above all, authentic.

responsible, sustainable design

Sustainable practice and environmental responsibility have been around for decades but the movement is now quickly gaining traction and mainstream interest. Most of us are more aware now than ever before of our environmental impact – we recycle, many of us seek out ethically produced or natural products, we question the origin of the things we consume.

Graphic designers are perfectly placed to encourage similar positive change within our circle of clients – helping them to consider the environmental impact of their businesses – from marketing collateral to packaging and brand strategy – even the digital services they use.

Edgeways strives to seamlessly integrate this approach into the design process by automatically questioning the necessity and core purpose of every item and wherever possible refining the design into the most efficient, multifunctional and environmentally friendly piece it can be – without significantly impacting on cost, quality or aesthetics. The more we do this, the more we encourage other service providers (from printers to web hosts) to up their environmental credentials and make responsible practice the norm.      


Research + Discovery

Through carefully planned briefing forms, discussions, audits and workshops we can quickly get to the core of your organisation and uncover the problems and challenges that you’re facing and where we can help to solve them.


Brand Strategy

Successful organisations have a clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for – whether they’re a single person operation or a large multinational. We’ll work together to discover, shape and define your brand. We’ll find out what makes you different, who your people are and how to reach them. We can even develop or refine your organisations name to make sure it’s perfectly aligned with your brand’s core values.


Visual Identity Design

I’ll use the research and brand strategy to design a distinctive identity for your organisation that unites all your day to day materials and raises your profile. Your visual identity can be as broad or narrow as necessary but usually consists of a unique logo, a set of colours, some recommended typefaces and other imagery, graphics or icons to create a unified look. All of these assets will be specified in an identity manual.   


Graphic Design and Web Design

I’ll apply your visual identity to a range of carefully designed materials – printed, digital or online – giving you all the tools you need promote your business and exceed your customer’s expectations with a clear, consistent message. 


On-going Support

I aim to forge long-term relationships with all Edgeways clients. Once your project is completed I’ll be on call to guide you through any teething troubles and you’re free to call on me for advice and guidance whenever you need it.   



Edgeways strives to operate honestly and transparently at all times and encourages clients to adopt the same approach. I will always consider and present the full range of choices available and make a conscious effort to choose and recommend the most environmentally and socially responsible option wherever appropriate. 



I will never overcomplicate a design, solution or communication for the sake of aesthetics, cost or personal prestige. This means no marketing speak, technical jargon or gimmicks – just plain English and effective work.



I always strive to create solutions that are practical and fit for purpose. This includes producing and sharing advice and practical guides to encourage others to make considered choices. 



studio setup

Edgeways is run by just one multidisciplinary designer called Nic. Hi!

Although I’m able to complete 99% of projects myself, I do occassionally call on the services of a network of other creative and technical professionals to tackle trickier projects. 

Far from being a hinderance, keeping the studio so compact helps to keep Edgeways aligned with its core values and produce work that’s clear and cohesive. It also makes client and project communication far more straightforward for all involved. 

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