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It’s time to think Edgeways

We’re here to make your business look great and work better. Our design services bolt on to your business as and when you need them. That means you get the dedication of an experienced in-house design team, without any long term financial commitment. It’s a simple formula that really works.

We Work With You, Not For You

We’re not an agency, and we’re not freelance. We’re the best of both worlds. We focus our efforts on you and your business, just like an in-house team would. But because we work remotely you only pay for the work you need. No expensive equipment or software to buy, no desk space to find, no sick days and no holiday pay – just great results and simpler life.

A Fully Scalable Service

Being independent means we can be really flexible – which is great news for you. Our services range from being a simple sounding board for new ideas, all the way through to strategy, design and production. We can work ad-hoc as and when you need us, or tailor make a long term package to suit your needs. The choice is yours.

Our Specialisms


It all starts here. Your business is your brand and it sits at the heart of everything we do.
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Brochure Design

This is where we excel. Our designs are built on solid foundations with creativity at their heart.
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Creative Marketing

From single leaflets to integrated campaigns, we’ve got ideas that will keep your business thriving.
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And A taster of our work





“A dream to work with…
I can’t recommend Edgeways highly enough!”

Sally Moores, Opulentia Organics

“An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Stephanie Zefferino, Llupa

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